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What Makes A Franchise Unique May Be What Leads To Franchise Success

As iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert explains in this recent article for, the uniqueness of a franchise system can set it apart from the competition.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

Based on close to three decades of franchise consulting experience and having met thousands of prospective franchisors, Siebert compares the lure of a unique franchise system to that of some of today’s previously unknown musical success stories. Like these new stories of stardom, successful franchisors need not fear what makes them different from the pack, but rather, need to connect with those who relate to them and who embrace what makes them different.

In this article, Siebert encourages those looking to franchise their business to see their differences as advantages to be emphasized. For example, the newness of a concept can claim its place as an innovator and trend-setter in the industry. iFranchise Group consultants often advise “me-too” is not an expansion strategy. Newer franchise systems do not need to apologize for being new to franchising. A franchisor’s recent entry onto the franchising scene makes them attractive because more territories are available and new franchisees can play an important role in setting the trajectory of the concept.

All companies looking to grow through franchising need to pay attention to concepting, strategic planning, messaging, marketing and franchise sales. But success isn’t limited to the big players.

By identifying its own unique value proposition and speaking to the right audience, a unique franchise can also have a star on franchising’s walk of fame.

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