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How to Franchise

Does your concept make the grade?

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Franchise My Business

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If you are exploring how to franchise your business as a means of expansion, it’s important to first examine whether your business concept is franchisable. This initial analysis is vital in determining if next steps should be taken to develop a franchise strategy.

Is My Business Franchisable?

Determining the franchisability of a concept requires significant analysis of the key areas of a business. The iFranchise Group has been a leader in the franchising industry for over two decades, and has worked with some of the most successful franchisors in the world (McDonald’s, ACE Hardware, and Chevron to name a few). We have consulted with hundreds of emerging and established franchisors, and were named Entrepreneur’s #1 Franchise Consulting Firm for multiple consecutive years.

We have identified predictive criteria that analyzes a company’s readiness to franchise, and the likelihood of its success. For more info on this process, read our criteria for franchisability.

If your business is a good fit for franchising, a customized program can be created with your specific needs and budget in mind. Our expert franchise consultants will help with all necessary next steps, including:

  • Franchise Development for New Franchise Programs
  • Audits and Analyses for Existing Franchise Programs
  • Strategic Business Planning for Franchise Growth
  • Franchise Operations and Training Documentation
  • Franchisee Recruitment Marketing Strategies
  • Franchise Sales Brochures and E-Brochures
  • Franchise Website Content, Design and Development
  • Franchise Sales and Training Videos
  • Franchise Sales Training
  • Franchise Implementation Consulting and Assistance

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Why Franchise My Business?

Once your business concept is determined to be franchisable, why move forward with franchising? Some advantages of franchising your company include:

  • You can expand your concept by leveraging franchisee capital
  • You can minimize risk, which is assumed by the franchisee (staffing, location leases, business performance)
  • You can open new franchises much faster than opening company-owned units
  • Your franchised operations are run by motivated and fully vested franchise owners

Learn more about the advantages of franchising your business.

How to Franchise – Best Practices

Having a successful franchise system entails going above and beyond as a franchisor.

At minimum, franchisors need Franchise Legal Document (Disclosure Document and Agreement) and Operations Manuals in order to franchise. However, these best practices should be followed to ensure a franchise system’s success:

  • Establish Quality Control Mechanisms for Franchisees
  • Build a Solid Relationship with Suppliers
  • Maintain your Franchise Brand
  • Continually Improve Your Concept and System

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