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Expert Franchise Development and Implementation Services

Franchise Development and Implementation

Franchise Development and Implementation Services

Not having the staff in place for franchise development and implementation of all the diverse needs for creating a new franchise organization is why many new franchisors fail to reach their goals; not due to the concept itself.

Most new franchisors find themselves with many needs. And most of these needs involve people. They need someone to handle franchise marketing, ad placement, and ad tracking. Someone to train and support franchisees. Someone to manage the advertising fund. A public relations pro. Someone to ensure quality control. Someone to coach staff in the nuances of franchise sales.

Unfortunately, these new franchisors often can’t afford to hire the full-time people necessary to develop and implement these diverse needs. So instead, they will hire one person with expertise in one area and hope that one person can somehow learn the things he or she does not know. Or worse still, they try to do it all themselves — often neglecting the core business in the process.

Now these franchisors have an alternative. Outsourced franchise development and implementation services provided by iFranchise Group can be purchased in increments, and do not involve hiring a full-time person.

The iFranchise Group can provide services in a number of vital areas. Our affiliate company, TopFire Media, can assist in others, including ongoing digital marketing services and public relations. Call us today for information on how we can help. Call us at 708-957-2300 to discuss how we can help leverage your efforts.