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Expert Franchise Management Training Services

Franchise Management Training

iFranchise Group Franchise Management Training Programs

The iFranchise Group offers numerous franchise management seminars geared toward both emerging and established franchisors.

The iFranchise Group is also available to provide shortened versions of its consumer-oriented seminars or other customized presentations at franchise conventions or other similar events. These seminars are ideal for franchise management teams.

Franchise Sales and Marketing Techniques

A two day seminar focused on improving and managing your franchise sales and marketing process. This course is geared toward those with existing sales experience, although the basics of franchise sales will also be covered.

Franchise Implementation Training

Franchise Implementation Training provides your staff with a comprehensive training session covering all aspects of implementing a franchise program and managing a franchise organization.

Minimizing Franchise Litigation

Taught by George Rummel, a long-time veteran of McDonald’s, this course is essential for franchisors that are growing rapidly.

Field Consulting Training

A one-day session incorporating a mixture of role-playing and lecture/discussion formats focused on the role of the field consultant and best practices for conducting onsite franchisee field support visits.

How to Franchise a Business

The iFranchise Group is available to provide a custom seminar on “How to Franchise a Business.” This seminar is essentially a live version of the seminar video we are currently providing for free.

Insurance Needs — Yours and Theirs

Franchisors with significant insurance premiums can often realize substantial savings by understanding this vital topic.

Development and Management of Good Franchisee Relations

Drawing on his extensive experience at McDonald’s, George Rummel shows how good franchisee relations can benefit everyone involved.

Retail and Restaurant Best Practices

Taught by some of the nation’s premier retail consultants, this course helps you achieve both strategic and operational improvements in your existing operations.