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Franchise Expert Witness Services

Franchise experts for litigation support.

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No one developing a franchise program wants to think about litigation and, quite frankly, litigation in franchising is not all that common. But it does happen. If you find yourself in need of a franchise expert for litigation support, you should turn to the team of franchise consultants with the deepest bench in the franchise industry: iFranchise Group.

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iFranchise Group’s most experienced consultants have been called upon in litigation – on behalf of franchisors and franchisees – as experts on franchise-related issues such as:

  • Franchise Best Practices
  • Franchisor Duties
  • Customary Franchise Practices
  • Franchisor/Franchisee Relationships
  • Franchisee Support
  • Franchise Quality Control
  • Franchise Marketing and Sales
  • Unit Operations
  • Damages
  • Territory Issues
  • Vicarious Liability
  • System Advertising Funds
  • Brand Value and Standards

The most respected organizations in franchise legal best practices also recognize our expertise. iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert is called upon as a contributor to the American Bar Association Forum on Franchising and the International Franchise Association Annual Legal Symposium. Whitepapers from recent symposia can be accessed here:

Legal Complexities in Health Care: Whitepaper from ABA Forum

International Expansion: Whitepaper from IFA Legal Symposium

Converting Franchises to Licenses: Whitepaper from IFA Legal Symposium

In addition Mr. Siebert is widely quoted in business journals, including The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. He has appeared on a number of television talk shows both in the U.S. and abroad, including several appearances on CNN. Mr. Siebert has published close to 200 articles in dozens of business and professional periodicals.

Mr. Siebert’s first book, Franchise Your Business: The Guide to Employing the Greatest Growth Strategy Ever, was published by Entrepreneur Press in January 2016. Relevant chapters include the definition of franchising, alternatives to franchising, franchise law, strategic decisions in franchising, franchise royalty and fee determination, quality control in franchising, franchise operations manuals, and franchisee relations.