Test TEst Franchise Best Practices Audits

Auditing Your Existing Franchise System

For those franchisors who are unable to achieve their growth plans, the iFranchise Group often recommends that the process begin with a strategic audit. The iFranchise Group can audit specific elements of the franchise program or conduct a complete assessment of the franchise organization. The end result of any audit is a written report with specific recommended action steps that the franchisor should undertake in each audited area.

Individual audits include:

  • Strategic audit
  • Legal audit
  • Operations audit
  • Organizational audit
  • Marketing audit
  • Internet audit
  • Franchisee surveys
  • Franchise training audit
  • Franchise sales audit

The iFranchise Group offers comprehensive audit services covering all aspects of the franchise organization or customized audits based on perceived need. Who should get an audit?

  • Franchisors with a defined need or shortcoming
  • New franchise company owners looking to develop their strategic direction
  • Franchisors who want to do an “annual check-up”
  • Franchisors who are redefining their missions
  • Acquiring companies doing “due diligence”
  • Franchisors wishing faster franchise sales
  • Franchisors with quality control or franchisee relationship problems

Annual audits on sales practices can help you reduce your legal exposure and improve your sales performance.