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Franchise Sales Video Examples

Franchise sales videos are a dynamic marketing tool designed to create excitement in the franchise candidate and to enhance the credibility of the franchisor organization.

Typically between eight and twelve minutes in length, with the option to edit to shorter versions, franchise sales videos are ideal introductions to your business and the franchise opportunity. A link to the video can easily be emailed to candidates, who can then easily share it with others. These videos can also be posted on websites and used on social media and at trade shows. They can substantially increase interest and lead capture rates without increasing costs.

iFranchise Group’s franchise sales videos are produced by experienced video professionals on high-definition equipment, with scripts crafted based on significant research along with professional voiceover talent, licensed music, and special effects.

Here are examples of franchise sales videos developed by iFranchise Group:

River Street Sweets

Cherry Lash

Many clients also have iFranchise Group produce training videos for new franchisees.