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Today, the therapeutic properties of CBD and hemp are being tested and approved for consumer use, and the marketplace is growing dramatically. Consumers are enjoying benefits from a wide range of forms — including CBD, oils, hemp, and edibles.

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The demand for CBD has skyrocketed, and industry experts are forecasting continued growth in this emerging market. The consumer marketplace is maturing. The franchise marketplace is ripe for expansion. Have you thought about expanding your business through franchising? iFranchise Group is a leader in the industry, with a number of clients in this unique market sector already growing through franchising.

The ever-changing landscape in the CBD industry is growing into a truly viable business marketplace. iFranchise Group can assist with your expansion efforts. From business development and strategic planning to operations and marketing, we have the experience to help you evolve and grow in the franchise industry.

Are you a new or existing business in the CBD and hemp industry? The iFranchise Group’s experience can assist you in your business development to help you excel in the evolving industry. Our experience includes a fundamental understanding of the issues involved in bringing a new concept to a fast-growing marketplace.

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iFranchise Group provides consulting services related to business expansion strategies through franchising and other means. iFranchise Group does not provide legal advice. Companies looking to expand a CBD or related products business should consult their own legal counsel regarding the legality of the sale of these products in the desired markets.