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iFranchise Group Founder Publishes Latest Book on Replicating Business Success

Franchise consultant Mark Siebert teaches how to build a business poised for growth

HOMEWOOD, IL — iFranchise Group founder and CEO Mark Siebert has evaluated tens of thousands of businesses during his 30-plus year career in franchising. The ones that succeed in multiplying themselves have one thing in common – systems in place that allow them to be replicable and scalable.

In his newest book from Entrepreneur Press, The Multiplier Model, How Systems Can Generate Exponential Growth, Siebert explores the systems which need to be in place to replicate success.  This newest book is the latest in a series which includes Siebert’s sought after book Franchise Your Business: The Guide to Employing the Greatest Growth Strategy Ever (Entrepreneur Press 2016). While Franchise Your Business is the essential guide to companies looking to franchise their business, The Multiplier Model is for those companies in even earlier stages of growth that want to avoid the pitfalls of building a business without a plan or documented systems.

“Companies that have succeeded in franchising are intensely focused on their systems and processes,” Siebert said. “This book aims to help newer business owners to recognize that the same systems that have proven successful under a franchise model to maintain quality, grow faster, and control expansion are viable strategies for them, as well, even if they are not (yet) franchising.”

In addition to authoring three full-length books, Siebert is a well-published author of articles, whitepapers, and other industry informational pieces, as well as a sought-after speaker on franchising and other business expansion topics.

“Not all the successful small businesses I’ve consulted with were aligned to grow exponentially through franchising,” Siebert said, “But those that were had developed systems that drove the business so that it could be duplicated. They continually refine and improve on their business model – knowing that businesses need to adapt to survive.” Siebert unlocks this methodology and makes it accessible to any business owner in The Multiplier Model.

The Multiplier Model (Entrepreneur Press 2021) is now available through Entrepreneur Press, and other major book and ebook retailers.

About the Author:

Mark Siebert is the founder and CEO of iFranchise Group, a franchise consulting and development firm started in 1998. He is an expert in evaluating company franchisability, structuring franchise offerings and developing franchise programs domestically and internationally. Siebert has personally assisted more than 30 Fortune 2000 companies and more than 500 emerging franchisors in his 30 plus years in the franchise industry.

About iFranchise Group:
iFranchise Group is the leading franchise consulting and development firm that offers the skills of the world’s top professionals in franchise strategic planning, operations training and documentation, and franchise marketing and sales for emerging and established franchise companies worldwide. For more information, call (708) 957-2300 or email [email protected]



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