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Dog Days of Summer: Marketing from the Inside Out

Think about how harmful it would be to your business if your brand messaging changed over time without your knowledge. You provide messaging for your franchisees – but how can you be sure it maintains integrity as it travels?

In this Franchise Times article, iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert explains how the dog days of summer aren’t for easing up where brand marketing is concerned. The bigger the network – a measure of success in itself – the more chances for messaging to get lost in translation from franchisor to franchisee, and then from employee to the consumer. Add social media to the mix and the message you began with turns into a tweet that is utterly unrecognizable.

The good news is there is a way to improve the odds of your marketing message staying intact: Internal marketing – in other words, from the inside out. In this concise piece, Mark explains the benefits of marketing inwardly by demonstrating how internal marketing and network engagement can make all the difference in maintaining brand story integrity. Internal marketing doesn’t look like a typical marketing strategy on paper but should be an integral part of any overall marketing campaign. Read this article to learn things like where to begin, how to craft a message with staying power and move it through your network, and which tools are recommended to help you keep your team engaged.

Internal marketing is imperative to marketing strategy success. While you are enjoying your own dog days of summer, kick back and couple your refreshing lemonade with a piece of good advice in this article.

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