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Looking Abroad May Help Franchisors Spread American Dream

In this Franchise Times article, iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert guides franchisors through the unique challenges and opportunities in marketing to international prospects looking to purchase franchises in the United States.  While it isn’t appropriate for all franchise systems, for many it makes sense for franchisors to look outside of their own borders to find their next generation of successful franchise owners.

Navigating policy

If marketing to international candidates feels right for a brand, franchisors will first need to understand the opportunities available for international candidates to own and operate franchises in the US. Two federal programs in particular, the E-2 and EB-5 visa programs are designed precisely for this type of prospect. The two programs differ greatly, and any franchisor will be smart to seek the guidance of a franchise attorney who specializes in this very field. In this article, Siebert talks with Angie Rupert, an E2 visa attorney out of Los Angeles for her expertise on the subject.  Rupert notes there are savvy entrepreneurs seeking franchises in the US from a wide range of industries. While the process may seem daunting, with careful expert consultation, it need not be.

Marketing to international prospects

As with any marketing, iFranchise Group consultants advise franchisors to tailor their marketing strategies based on their audience. In addition to language considerations (don’t leave it to Google translate!) consideration must be given to the marketing avenues available. For example, social media options in China look very different from social media options in the US. Learn more from Siebert as he explains key elements to pitching international franchise candidates, in a way that compliments the visa programs available for candidates coming from different countries.

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