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Franchise Experts Support Current Joint Employment Initiatives

HOMEWOOD, ILLINOIS – For the last several years, uncertainty over joint employment liability for franchisors in franchising has dominated the franchise landscape. It is with this backdrop, that the iFranchise Group has voiced its support of the NLRB’s proposed rule which would bring the definition of joint employment back to the reasonable definition it had for over 30 years before changes proposed in recent years.

Under the proposed new standard (which is in fact the old standard),  a franchisor would not be considered a joint employer of the franchisee’s employees unless it actually exerts direct and immediate control over the franchisee’s employees. iFranchise Group has joined the International Franchise Association (IFA) in voicing public support over the proposed rule-making.

iFranchise Group CEO Mark Siebert said, “As the owner of a franchise consulting company for over 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand how small business owners have been confused and hesitant in their business expansion efforts due to the uncertain state of joint employment liability these past few years. Our government should embrace small business expansion and its resulting job creation and contributions to our country’s economic strength. I applaud the Board’s initiative to try and bring clarity to this situation through its recent proposed regulation.”

The National Labor Relation’s Board recently extended the time period for comments on the proposed rulemaking until later in December.

Siebert went on to explain that best practices in franchising in this area have continued to evolve and strengthen the franchise model overall.  “Franchising as a business expansion tool has always been able to adapt to changing laws and circumstances,” Siebert said.


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