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Mobile Franchise Trend


iFranchise Group Offers a Free Educational Franchising Webinar for Mobile and Other Business Owners

Mark Siebert, CEO of iFranchise Group, a leading franchise consulting firm based in the Chicago area, has seen an uptick in the number of their clients who are part of a currently “hot” trend in franchising: mobile or vehicle-based concepts.

“In today’s environment, being flexible, keeping overhead low, and meeting consumer demand is key for any business owner,” says Siebert.  “Therefore it’s no surprise that we’ve seen the number of mobile franchise concepts increase significantly, especially in the last year or two. From the incredible explosion of mobile food trucks to many other types of consumer and business services, more and more creative business owners are taking their ideas on the road, rather than relying on traditional physical locations.”

Siebert, a franchise consultant with over 25 years of experience, went on to note that his team of franchise experts is approached by mobile business owners on a daily basis, all with questions about how best to  expand their vehicle-based concepts into other markets.

To assist aspiring mobile business owners with deciding whether franchising is a viable option for expansion, iFranchise Group will conduct an educational webinar directed toward independent business owners who are evaluating their growth opportunities. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. Central time.

This is the latest in a series of complimentary online seminars the franchise consulting firm offers. Past webinars have focused on topics including Quality Control, Sales Goals, and Litigation in Franchising.  This month’s webinar is scheduled to be an hour in length, and will cover, among other topics, predictive criteria that help to assess the readiness of a company for franchising and the likelihood that it will achieve success as a franchisor, including various financial, legal, and logistical factors.

The franchise consulting firm notes that mobile franchise concepts run the gamut in terms of what they can offer. More than just food trucks serving up gourmet menu items, there are also numerous mobile consumer services franchises such as beauty salons and pet groomers, and mobile B2B services including commercial cleaning, office equipment recycling, and document shredding concepts.

Mobile or truck-based businesses have a unique focus that affects how the franchising model is applied. Mobile food trucks, in particular, can face a number of disadvantages compared to traditional restaurant locations, such as being more directly affected by weather, traffic, territory size, quality control issues, and lower average unit volumes. “Food trucks often work best when they’re in combination with an actual restaurant location, as opposed to a stand-alone franchise concept,” notes Siebert. “Given the challenges that operators will naturally face with this business model, it is doubly important to seek professional guidance to help examine all aspects of the business carefully when planning for franchise expansion.”

Siebert continues, “We have talked to and worked with many mobile business concepts, and understand that there are particular complexities to consider when franchising. At the same time, we want this, as well as all the other webinars we hold, to be beneficial for various types of concepts. We expect our upcoming webinar to be beneficial for brick-and-mortar businesses, as well as mobile ones. Much of the same franchisability criteria can and should be analyzed before expanding, regardless the structure of the business itself.”

Individuals or companies interested in attending the upcoming webinar, or who would like to request additional information on franchising in general, are encouraged to contact iFranchise Group at [email protected] or 708-957-2300.


About iFranchise Group:  iFranchise Group is a leading franchise consulting firm that offers the skills of the nation’s top professionals in franchise strategic planning, operations training and documentation, franchise marketing and sales, advertising fund management, franchise recruitment, and development of Internet-based applications for emerging and established franchise companies worldwide.

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